The All Ways Network 

TAWN is Back From Being a Social Network




 Welcome to TAWN ... As it continues to morph & grow as it set out to do so many years ago. 

TAWN started as The All Way Network many years ago, it has gone through several morphications.  Along with TAWN morphing - so have I.  As have all of us.  

Come on ... you must have been feeling it ... or you are beginning to as that which is The All World Network sends out it's vibration (that being Totally Awesome Wonderful News ;-) ~ neither here nor there of course - so ... 

As we all know the only constant IS change - and we are the ones who determine the change ... thanks to the ever present gift of *Free Will* some call it choice and still some of those would take it from you if given their choice. 

A few years ago, I heard TAWN received as the True All Way Network ... YAY!!! ... and so it is ... how can I say this? 

Because, the way that is RIGHT for YOU IS the ONE True Way (-: for you :-) you'd have to understand "Evie Speak" to get it the first time (-: and getting it the first time ... LOL!!! unheard of ... any way ... :-)

ANOTHER Clarion Call Is Being Sent Forth: 

We are all here with talents, skills and passions we would do for nothing, just for the joy we get from doing what it is that gives us that same joy.  Where in lays the problem ... as one does what is of ones core values and passion driven ~ abundance is the natural side affect. The "Resource Economy" we hear about.

NOW ~ Economics and supply and demand have programmed us to believe this is bad ... WHY? Because when there is an abundance of ANY thing, the price of it goes down.  WHY?

My GOODNESS ~ I just end up with more questions then I do answers, so the social network I envisioned so many years ago (gotta find those drawing :-)  ~ Tawn will soon be online as a social network for members to share what they believe, how they feel we can oversome obstacles of all kinds and how to grow forth into our future and the future of humanity :-)  Living awesome lives on a daily basis ... we can do it :-)