The All Ways Network 

TAWN is Back From Being a Social Network


A Clarion Call went out December 8th, 2006.  The call was to two to four select, talented, like minded individuals who feel compelled to help humanity into a new reality that will arrive (Ker-PLOP!) in less than six years. These people need to apply because of deep desire to make a difference. Absolutely no guarantees of any possible future income from this "experiment" but if what I know of attraction - what is needed will be provided.
Skills looking for:
  • Programmer - the more languages (applications?) the better.
  • Graphics

    Like Mindedness:

  • Read the rest of the this page - if you feel compelled and you have the skills needed to assist The All Ways Network become what it is in Future. Please drop me an e-mail

Now this date is VERY squishy, some say the date has come and passed many years ago. I think I saw something like between the years of 1950's and the mid 1980's (The D-a-w-n of Aquarius, A-Q-U-A-R-I-U-S .... ). Even IF it has already occurred with the Dawning of Aquarius - as you know it takes (most) humans a LONG time to get out of the bed in the morning.

Because so much power and energy ... LOL ... I better explain this truism (IMHO) ... Thought is energy. We'll go into this and so much more, where everyone will soon be able to buzz right along with Mother Earth, and we (humanity) awake to our true (LOL - along the freakin' way ... to our true ) potential.

This morning I had a wispy thought ... the Lightworkers activated and ready for the events in December 2012 ... we will be the Douhla's (Birth Magic?)

December 21, 2012 ... this date is the end of the long count. Now this is the date that is "squishy". It is squishy due to our "humanities" messing with the calendar and Julius HAD to have 31 days since Augustus had 31. Anyway ... what is this long count thing? I'm not quite positive of all the in's and out's - LOL - I don't need to be :-) But the end of the long count and zero are the same ...

To those who know much about the Mayan, they were the first (documented, proven) of humanity to understand zero ... and nothingness ... the end ... are zero. December 21,2012 the Mayan Calendar reaches zero.