The All Ways Network 

TAWN is Back From Being a Social Network



I am a firm believer that coincidences are just too coincidental to be mere chance. Looking back on the things that led me where I was found October 17th, 2006 are awe inspiring ... it was as though the fabric of what makes me who I am was imbedded with the map to now. Days before October 17th, 2006 - I found out about Mission Ignition

Days before October 17th, 2006 events began to happen fast and furious. It was like shooting white water rapids. There was only one way to go, I was going fast, and it was so exhilaratingly exciting ... I wish I could convey to you the feeling But just the fact you are here now - you are ready to join the journey. Welcome aboard, relax, release, let-go ... and know ...

I have noticed more of the map(?) the road(?) ahead is becoming more clear. I am attributing this to more Lightworkers being re-awakened(?) re-activated(?) re-generated(?) our collective mind begins to work together, our "collective mind" is that which is being awakened. The collective mind isn't something we are "tapping" into, it is part of who we are. That part of us is what makes us all one ... these are my thoughts only (LOL - I think) at this point, but MOST of all I want to know where you are and what is happening for you.