The All Ways Network 

TAWN is Back From Being a Social Network



Trying to find a way to focus but still grow Tawn - I tried blogging - but it was still not interactive enough to grow a community.

And the Lucky Blog was :-)

I have a card I will giving to the people I meet Wednesday, during the Mini Mixer either my husband or my daughter and I will be attending.  On the card are listed several of my domain names.  These include this one, - YNoQ is a play on letters and words (Why No Queue and is a :-) - I am a procrastinator from way (way~way~way) back ... I figured BeginTo would get me Beginning To ... instead, I found out a Ginto is a Silver Rabbit ... Great I BE Ginto :-) hence the I'M late blog :-) - And KidCub just bubbled to the top {again}

I DO make a difference ... as do you, and you and you and you and you and ... the question is are you making a good difference or a bad one?

Domainager:  To be used as a central space for Emc2Enterprise domains and websites :-) Love those smilies (-:  Currently the page lists the domains as for sale, trade, or possible partnership.  I prefer the partnership aspect ...

What I currently have are two domains and  What I see for the sites ...  (yes, yes, yes ... I have many more - but these are the two I am working with first ... more to come as the opportunities for each come forth and doors and windows open and buds become flowers bloom :-)

>W9RK - what is W9RK?  Well, one thing it isn't is WORK.  You see the O has been removed and replaced with a 9 ... so what does THAT have to do with the price of tea in China?  .... EXACTLY!!! 

As our jobs began moving "offshore" for the benefit of all (>First they came for the broommakers - but so few were broommakers, a cry was not heard ... now they come for ... you ... ) 

Past Calls to The Universe (documented and all ... gotta love the Internet - doncha know ;-)

Clarion Call Sent: December 8, 2006, I released into the ether a clarion call. While I had not yet read "The Law of Attraction" I knew the desire of what I wanted would come. LOL!!! While I thought it would be on TAWN, the answer to the vibration sent out has been awesome. Social networking sites have sprouted up like {{{ LOL!!! }}} Mangrove roots (which are a very good thing :-) the manatee love them, as do they love cool fresh water ... anyway ...

It has been one wild, wacky, wonderful, awesome~filled time. ... but ... What have I learned?

I now know the following to be fact. Now that's faith ;-)

It's just like the law of gravity. Believe it or not, understand it - or not ... it doesn't matter ~ it is :-)

  • We create our future reality in the current moment, with thoughts that create emotion.
    • Emotion is like the strings on a guitar.
    • Our thoughts are the fingers or pick
  • When we ask ~ it is always given.
    • It is not so important in for what we ask, but how. 
      • I tried to put some bullet examples, but they came out really lame ... so "Fill in the blank" here ;-) LOL!!!
  • The easiest way (for me) to work from good emotion is to find gratitude. We can be grateful for so many things - every day - even if we start with just waking up :-)
    • Working from a place of non-gratitude is like the fortune cookie: If you're not happy with what you have, more isn't going to help. LOL!!! or something like that ...
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