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TAWN is Back From Being a Social Network



A bit of history of Evie (Evie the evil Evelyn)

I was Baptised Methodist as a tiny baby wearing the family christening gown. I was the Virgin Mary when I was nine in our Church Christmas Play (for the space of about four minutes - during the play ... I was her, she was me, but it was more ... I was more ... I was everything and everything was me I was told the tears were a very good effect ... I remember feeling absolute most excellent joy ... I just remembered that feeling ... ). When I was thirteen, I was given a mission At the age of 24 ... 1985, I became ordained.

I knew there was a reason for why I thought the way I did. I knew I was a good and loving person. I knew my concerns were to help others ... However, what I felt and what was "right" were different.

At that time my Christian upbringing was at war with what I knew to be MY truth. I became disenchant  ed with being told I was bad, wrong, didn't know what I thinking (?). I was plain sick and Tired of being told my way was the wrong way (?). Who can Prove their way is the one and only real, true, really, really ONLY way to divinity?

I can't prove to another my truth is theirs (they must know their own Path), but I KNOW (my heart, spirit, and higher power know) my Path is the one and only way for me. It was at that time I started to think we need a network of All Ways ...

Hence, The All Ways Network. ~Faith~ what a beautiful word ... to those with that as their name .... Faith .... may you be full of it :-)

During my transition from Germany back to the United States in 1994, I was given the name LyfLite ... I took this name for several years as TAWN gestated. It was in 1997 and my overcoming the fear of the Internet that TAWN was born unto the world ;-)

~ * ~ Welcome to TAWN.COM ~ * ~

Since then I have been introduced to more of my truths. Mission Ignition (10/17/06) LOL!!! - my mission first sent out to discover at the age of 13 ... I wonder what my teacher would think of the paper now?

While I've always been drawn to and intrigued by the Mayan Calendar (our home in Tucson was decorated with SEVERAL) I didn't feel any time connection. Since awakening (this baby is SO curious!) the cogs, gears, and other mechanisms have been slipping, sliding, and grinding into place. I see there is a LONG way more to go - but all appears on schedule. The sooner our Lightworkers are ready, the sooner we can alleviate the birth pain of the new ... ??? ... the new (someone tell us what is the new).  2012 will be here soon ...

Update June 20, 2010 - Sunday.  It is hopeful as a baby social network will be born by Saturday June 26th, 2010 ... just remember most babies look ... rather ... not as appealing as they grow into ~ :-)

No *ones* truth is the truth of everyone.  In fact no *ones* truth is the exact same truth as anyone else’s either.   

I don't care your religion, faith, synagogue, practice, coven, what have you …  

No *ones* truth is the same as anyone else’s.   

BUT many of your beliefs may another’s – some he or she may not yet know they believe – but need to hear from you … that is why we must share our beliefs – BUT we must also respect others differences. 

The cause of so much strife is we focus on what is different between us, instead of what is the same and what is good. 

Dr Seuss had it so right in his story – The Sneetches: 

          "… until neither the Plain nor the Star-Bellies knew whether this one was that one... or that one was this one or which one was what one... or what one was who." 

And I think I just discovered who influenced my writing style … Not that I think I am any kinda Dr. Seuss ~ ;-)  

Anyway – that is the Mission of TAWN (The All Ways Network) it puts the stars on and takes the stars off :-) 

Continued from the Mission Ignition reference:

I posted this updated page - then began to Google for others feeling as I do ... I am astounded at what I am finding:
"Mission 1017"+"Mayan Calendar"
"Mission Ignition"+"Mayan Calendar"
"Star Child"+"Mayan Calendar"
"Starchildren"+"Mayan Calendar" "Starmate"+"Mayan Calendar" brings one to what looks like just sites for a Sirius Radio ... but the oneness connection link ... go to that and search that site for Mayan ... 531,000 hits from THAT site alone. To those who do not know Qabbalah or the tree of life - the numbers along the left side of the tree progress 1, 3, 5 ... coincidence?

Well - holey smokes BatMan!!! (To those who know me well, you know I am now off on another gopher hole exploration!!!!) Brightest of Blessings my friends now known and those soon to be met.